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Possible Lyme
Feb 6, 2016
Hi everyone, Ive been having bad issues since beginning of September 2015. I had a lot test done but all came out good. So I started searching to find an answer to my headaches, dizziness, pressure, ear problems and ringing in my head loudly all day and maybe louder at night. I thought possibly was metal toxicity which I was told I had slightly elevated mercury and had a specific test to prove it. I did some chelation which honestly didnt help much. In the last 2 months Ive been having all kinds of issues including bad abdominal pain and digestive problems. I am still being told my mercury levels could be a factor as brain level cant be measured which could possibly be true but I suspect something else as well. I also was diagnosed with leaky gut and Im working on my stomach now. Reading through some lyme posts people talking about fluid filling up in the head and then releasing out. I have had that the whole time and have explained that to everyone. The problem is so many conditions have the same symptoms and its tough to get a real diagnoses. I had some lyme test done which were negative but I was advised to have the CD 57 test. I know some people get negative results even while having lyme. I am also sure I have candida as in december on a few mornings my tongue was a bit white and I get this pulling sensation in my head. Im just damn frustrated and as I cant work and have been on dissability since October but Im going to see a very good GI doctor that also specialiazes in functional, integrative natural medicine. I read alot of his reviews and has diagnosed a lot of people with Lyme. By the way I got some good advice from a different forum regarding my gut issues and how abdominal soreness and pain may be pancreas issues as well. I never knew the pancreas was part of digestion. So Im getting all checked out but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or ideas.

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