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So, I have had strange symptom plagues ever since August, which used to only involve my ears, but now seem to affect my entire nervous system.

I was up in the high Rockies in Colorado over the Summer, where supposedly no Lyme disease exists although there are other scary tick borne diseases.

Anyway, in early August while up there I had what I thought was a labrynthitis attack combined with the result of a loud noise exposure and taking in too much sugar, salt, and (a bit) of alcohol a couple days before. I lost about 2-3% of my hearing, had bad nausea, a splitting migraine accompanied by firecracker-like visual aura (possibly dehydration), jaw/TMJ and facial pain, pretty bad dizziness and vertigo, and general problems walking.

After that, my hearing and balance were never the same. I continued (and still do) to have transient vertigo and mild balance problems. I developed an extreme vulnerability to noise wherein loud, but supposedly harmless noises (not even close to OSHA danger zones) kept setting off permanent hearing loss, hyperacusis, ear fullness, and vertigo.
Come October, every time my hearing would go from a 'loud' noise, I also started getting other weird symptoms: pressure headaches that would travel from temples to sinuses, tingling in hands and feet with vibrations everywhere, pain behind the eyes, jaw pain, etc. Essentially migraine-like symptoms.

Then in December, it was no longer loud noise but strenuous exercise, lifting something heavy, flying on airplanes, or cold weather that would trigger these symptoms.

And now, things just keep getting weirder and weirder, and I keep getting more neurological symptoms along with those already listed:

--A certain type of hyperacusis, wherein sounds above a certain loudness threshold induce what I describe as an 'electric shock feeling' in my head
--Fluctuating high and low frequency hearing, without obvious triggers, and small sudden hearing losses every couple weeks (often with trigger)
--Static like tinnitus that radiates throughout my head, or ear roaring.
--Transient ear fullness (hydrops like symptoms) and dullness in ears that radiates on one side of the head.
--Mini-seizures? (Lose awareness of surroundings and head makes a rumbling sound)
--Balance disturbances where I feel like I am being shoved on both sides.
--Middle ear muscle fluttering
--Vasospasms in ears? (hearing goes suddenly with dull pain/ tinnitus in BOTH ears and lightheadeness for a couple seconds)
--Random throbbing pains and cramps in my head and throughout my legs that last for 10 seconds
--Feeling of a low grade fever and chills when there is none
--Sporadic dry mouth, though I drink a lot
--Swollen tongue, mouth, and jaws (perceived)
--Transient stiffness in back of neck
--Visual snow and phantom smoke, sometimes blurry spots lasting seconds
--Pressure behind the eyes
--Bloodshot eyes
--Feelings of derealization/dissociation
--Lightheadeness to the point where I think I will pass out
--Pressure sensitivity
--Mild cognitive dysfunction, brain fog, and confusion
--Stronger than usual fatigue

Thinking these symptoms may just indicate mixed migraines, I have taken myself off of dairy (possible allergy), chocolate, nuts, caffeine, gluten, and sugar. It's only been 4 days, and while it seemed to work initially, I have relapsed. I am hesitant to take out soy because, well, how the hell would I eat in the cafeteria??? And no, I have never had a food sensitivity before.

So, does this look like a possible Lyme infection? I don't know what else might cause such a vast array of MS symptoms.

I am desperate to figure out what is going on. I am having trouble functioning in the noisy world (need to wear earplugs everywhere, even while chatting with friends), and I feel ill most of the time now. I also don't want hearing aids while still in my 20's :/.

Thanks for the help and insight! As a matter of fact, I just had a blood test for Lyme, but I fear I may obtain a false negative :p.

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