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Hi everyone, I'm new here and thought I might post my 'story' and get your opinion on if I'm in the right place or not.

I had lyme when I was 4 years old (I complained of my knees hurting a lot), did a course of antibiotics (didn't work), and then did 10 days of colloidal silver and I stopped complaining about my knees so my mom assumed I was better. I didn't have any problems until about puberty time, when I started complaining of being tired all the time - I attributed this to not eating properly. I also complained of body aches, but was a pre-professional ballet dancer, and still think that is the cause.

Various things I can remember - lymph nodes in armpits swollen on and off throughout teen years. Depression. Bad skin. Multiple bouts of strep throat.

Around 21/22 I moved to NYC and was working a lot and I got a mysterious infection - never figured out what it was, but it seemed like chronic tonsilitis. A month or two of a raw food diet seemed to keep symptoms at bay.

Got my wisdom teeth out a few years ago and I feel like that time could be the onset of more symptoms.

More and more pain, but attributed it to "old age" (in the dance world). Developed inguinal hernia Christmas 2014, got surgery Feb. 2015 and haven't been the same since. I have not been able to bounce back at all. I've had chronic back pain and have been to physical therapy and chiropracters twice a week for over a year now with very little improvement. There isn't one day that goes by that I'm not in pain and I am 26. I know some of this is damage from years of dance but this is overkill.

Summer of 2015 before the hernia issue - I had these crazy cramps/pains in my abdomen/pelvis. Couldn't find the source of them. Just remember staying in bed a lot, miserable. Also right side of my neck will not be pain free. Lots of rib pain on right side. Cannot inhale deeply (I think because of tightness in rib cage/diaphragm, but whyyyy) and I've had that air hunger for over 2 years now. Have also had floaters in my eyes for around 2 years now, pretty much constantly now. Had a few bad migraines around puberty and again this year. Anxiety has been awful the past 2 years and I wake up every night at 2:30 unable to go back to sleep but I am so tired. I am always tired and always unable to sleep. If I do sleep I am wide awake very early. Also lately have had a tight jaw? I have the urge to push my jaw forward to stretch it. Oh, I also have very low adrenal function. I see a naturopath and we were treating that before my mom wanted her to look into the lyme thing. Thyroid is lowish. Vitamin D was quite low. I am very health conscious and was active up until recently. Also have a red rash, sometimes bulls eye shape, under my left pit that is itchy and will come and go over the past 5 or so years.

I see what everyone is going through on here and my symptoms don't seem bad at all compared to everyone and I feel like I'm being a hypochondriac and just not doing my exercises or stretching enough but even so I don't think I should be this uncomfortable?? I look totally normal and I still try to be active, I just can't workout like I used to (I can walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes before my back starts to kill me).

Does this just sound like something structural or am I on the right path? I don't really want to spend all that money for the Igenix test. I'm definitely going to get tested for coinfections at my local hospital though.

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