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Hi All
I recently got IGENX tests back: 41++, 31, 34, 39 (all) IND on IgM tests. IgG were all negative. Both CDC and IGENX say negative. I have also had a hideous rash all over legs, arms, chest and breasts. Rash had two appearances- flat red, hot and itchy, and red, slightly raised, itchy, swollen dots. Other symptoms included, daily headaches, exhaustion, achy feet (heels mostly), night sweats, low temp (97.2), stiff neck with lots of cracking, and backaches.....and most bothersome...are my eyes. They are super red, glassy and blurry.

My hormone doctor is convinced it is lymes and put me on 100mg Doxy 2x/dy. She wants me to see LLMD bc she feels I need a different dosage and possible treatment for co-infections.

My biggest question...Do I need a LLMD and more than this doxy? If so,
I am in the Utica-Syracuse NY area and looking for a LLMD somewhat close by. Thanks for your input.

Sounds like you have a great hormone doc and I agree with her. Lyme is diagnosed primarily by clinical symptoms, tests only secondarily because a great many people have false negatives. Absolutely find an LLMD, through lyme support groups in your community or contact ILADS for an honorary list of LLMDS. You may have to travel if one isn't in your area but necessary as no other doc can help you with lyme disease.

Hope you find the help you need soon.


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