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Lyme MS?
Apr 26, 2016
Hi everyone , new here I'm Kim This is going to be a long story and for that I apologize but I'm hoping for input. I turned 50 on December 18 2015 . I was tested and confirmed for Lyme about 3-4 years ago no bullseye rash nothing that I could see . I had fly like symptoms for well over a month , went to dr , meds didn't help . After a best friend of mine who is also a vet tech for over 20 years and has Lyme herself suggested I insist on a Lyme test . It was positive . 30 days of doxy and I was back to normal . So I thought . From then til October of 2015 I had severe depression, anxiety and tired all the time . Muscle aches and pain in my wrists diagnosed as tendinitis. Got cortisone shots numerous times . And they made me sick . Then yada yada .... Years go by .... The middle of sept 2015 I started pins and needles , tingling on my left side . Very annoying . Then the right side of my whole body went numb . Cat scans and bloodwork ... By the beginning of October 2015 I had blurry and dbl vision nuerologist scheduled me for a EMG I think ???? Where they stick you with a bunch of needles and test whatever it is ... My brain is not working like it should so again I apologize . Then I couldn't eat my jaw stuck and I was throwing up , couldn't stay awake . AGAIN insisted on a Lyme test when I was in ER and admitted . Yep I had Lyme again ! Or still ??? But I had an infectious diseases dr in the hospital and was started with an antibiotic IV . Was in the hospital 7 days . Left there with a pic line to Mage up 30 days total on the antibiotic . I came home with an eye patch a walker and in that time with the pic line I felt better everyday ! All the symptoms were gone ! I could walk talk no tingling no numbness !!!! Ok gotta skip back to the stay in the hospital ... I had 2 MRIs . Swelling on the left side of my brain and lesions on both sides and brain stem . ... They said Lyme or MS they had to do a spinal tap to make sure . Ok back to the antibiotics making me better .... After the pic line was removed. And finally heard from the nuerologist about that spinal tap that I have to say I had NO feeling totally numb and don't feel a thing . They tell me your cured of Lyme after the 30 days IV and the spinal tap confirms its MS . All symptoms start coming back . They have me do 3 days of IV steriods 2 hours a day .... Did nothing for what had started back . The pins and needles tingling on the left side . Then they had me on copaxone injections . I had terrible allergic reactions to it ! Fever chills vomiting and fainted . Try it again that can happen but odds are you'll be ok .... Nope happened again ! Now they are starting me on Abagio oral meds . I am now starting numbness on my right side again . Face , neck , ear , back side of right arm , right breast , and right side ( rib cage) they will not retest me for Lyme . I am SO scared ! I am afraid they are going to kill me with MS meds while I need antibiotics for Lyme ???? I can not afford a Lyme dr they don't take insurance . I lost my business I owned , in debt up to my ears :(

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