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It's difficult to get positive tests with some of the tick borne diseases. There are several reasons for this, but based on the Ig bands you reported, I would say that you likely have Lyme.

Equivocal means that the bands are there, they are just less intense than the control bands. So, your body has mounted a defense, but that defense has likely been muted by the infections which is why the bands aren't robust. Bands 18, 31, and 83-93 are Lyme specific. Band 41 is antibody to flagella, which many bacteria have.

So, who knows which infection is causing these symptoms? It's so hard to say.

Do you know/remember how you got Babesia? I don't know if Babesia is transmitted other than by ticks, through pregnancy, and blood transfusions. But, I would certainly think that Lyme came with it, especially based on your symptoms.

The Quest tests may also have been indeterminate or maybe there weren't the required number of bands to be positive. Usually, unaware doctors will just tell you the test is negative even with indeterminates, or if you don't have 2 (IgM) or 5 (IgG) bands light up. This is a shame because even the presence of one Borrelia specific band should be enough to say you have Lyme.

I hope you are getting the appropriate treatment. Any LLMD would treat you for Lyme with (or without!) that Igenex Western Blot.

Good luck!

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