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I have no idea whether I have Lyme Disease or not, but I'm desperate to figure out what is going on. Here's my story:
I had been having some annoying lower back pain in March. I'm not one to take Tylenol or NSAIDS unless I really need to so I just tried to tough it out. It wasn't awful by any means, just super annoying and persistent. Then a few weeks after that, I noticed pain/cramps in my right hand that radiated up to my elbow, which I attributed to being a mom and the repetitive lifting of a 30 lb toddler. I thought maybe it was some mild carpal tunnel but pretty much wrote it off. I went to a chiropractor (for the first time) for my lower back at the beginning of April and he said he thought I had some scoliosis and that my hips were uneven, with my left leg being "drawn up" by a 1/4 of an inch. He did an X-ray and an adjustment (I heard pops in about 4 different places on my spine) and told me that I had mild scoliosis and a misalignment factor of 70 mm (with the average person's MF being 20-25 mm.) I saw the X-ray and there was indeed a curve in my thoracic spine and a smaller one in the lumbar area, which he called a compensatory curve. He recommended a long term treatment plan with me coming 3 times per week for 4 weeks, tapering off to 2 times for 3 weeks, and so on. I don't have insurance so I knew I couldn't swing that, plus that seemed like overkill to me and I was skeptical of the whole "treatment plan" idea. I told him that I would think about it.

The night after my adjustment, I had a horrible sore throat and chills. I have no idea whether this was related or not. Like literally it was excruciating to swallow. The next day, the sore throat had backed off quite a bit and I actually felt pretty ok. A day after that, I had strange sensations in my arms. It felt like rushes of cold air going through them. Then after those sensations went away, I was left with my arms/hands having a (slight) numb feeling. I could still feel touch and heat/cold, it was just strange. Just felt off? I also had normal arm/hand strength and I didn't note any weakness. When I went back to the chiro a few days later, I told him about the sensations and he said it made sense because of the "subluxations" in my cervical spine/upper back. He adjusted me one more time and I left feeling like he had just brushed me off. I should also mention that my hands were falling asleep at night, however, I sleep with my head on my arm so I'm not sure if I just noticed it because I was hyper aware of my body at the time-plus it would go away after relieving the pressure.

The arm/hand stuff lasted for about 3 weeks and I haven't had any issues with that since. Shortly after this, I noticed the bottoms of my feet felt sort of numb first thing in the morning. It would mostly go away after walking around though there was still some slight numbness (especially in my big toes.) I would also get pain in the sole and heel of both of my feet. Nothing unbearable, but it is uncomfortable. Almost cramp-like and especially in my left foot. Within the last two weeks, I've been having heat sensations in my right leg. This occurred after I had tenderness in my back of both thigh areas (sciatica?) They're fleeting sensations, but would happen at least 10 times per day. Also, I've had an itchy, tingling feeling in my left shoulder blade persisting for about 3 weeks. For the past month, I've had twitching in my foot in the same place. It's my left pinky toe and it's the kind of twitch that I see and feel. Essentially, the twitch causes that toe to move out from the other toes. It's not painful at all, but it literally happens 30+ times a day. I've also noticed the left side of my left foot twitches and it can get pretty sore in that area after walking for long periods of time. Last Saturday, it got to the point where it was painful to walk on. Then, the next day it felt immensely better. The twitching has also started in my right foot...same spot. I should mention that I'm having fasciculations all over and not just in my feet, however, apart from my calves which do twitch a lot, my feet are really the only spot where the twitches are continuously localized. One more symptom that I'm not sure is actually a symptom or if I just noticed it because I was mega tuned into my body, but when I look from the left to the right (with only moving my eyes) there is like a grayish line that moves across my left eye from left to right. Once my eyesight is centered again, I don't see it anymore. There has also been an increase in the amount of floaters I see. I've noticed this happening the last two weeks. Phew, ok, I think that's it. Let me ask, on a scale of 1-CRAZY, how much of a hypochondriac does this list make me sound like?

I feel like the issue I'm facing is that when you take those symptoms individually, they're nothing big at all. But collectively, they're worrying me. Especially since it all seemed to come on at once and I'm used to feeling great most of the time and not having strange pulsing through my body! I've seen two docs so far, one who thought MS could be a possibility, and one who did a CBC and Thyroid panel. The latter referred me to a spinal specialist who thought I had nerve compression in my lumbar spine...which would explain the feet issues but not much else?

I didn't even consider Lyme until reading online about how my "migratory" symptoms seem to match up. I live in Kansas on a farm and I know I've pulled two ticks off of me within the last month. Neither were truly attached to the skin. People seem to think Lyme is rare and my doctor looked at me crazy when I suggested the possibility. She said she would do the testing if I wanted to. Any thoughts or input???

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