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New with questions
May 19, 2016
Hi. I hope you'll bear with me as I'm sure there is a lot of repetition on these boards but I am impatient and would like to have some piece of mind that I'm not completly losing it.
A week ago exactly I came down with a mild fever, my only symptom. As the days went on I would wake up in the morning feeling just fine but in the evening my fever would be close to 103. Finally this past Mon I went to urgent care. (Amazing how awful you can feel with just a fever and chills). They tested me for influenza and that came back negative. I casually told them about two tick bites I had, one bite I found the tick still attached. I have no idea how long it was there, but it was about 3 to 4 weeks ago so I didn't think my sudden onset of symptoms could be related. They went ahead and ordered lab work to test for some tick bourne ilnesses. One being Lyme and I got a call yesterday that that test came back "inconclusive" so they have set me up for Monday to see an infectious disease doctor. I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever when I was in high school but I do not remember feeling like this at all. WHen this started all I had was a fever and chills. Now I have muscle aches and headaches almost constantly. I sweat so bad in the night I have to keep a towel by the bed. They started me on doxycycline which I started taking on Tuesday. My fevers are now staying below 102 but they are still there and I still have the other symtpoms. Now my most recent is a very dark orange colored urine (sorry that's gross). I'm just curious if anyone else has had any of these symptoms and what it turned out to be? I am in very good health, I run, workout and eat a healthy diet. This has wiped me out and I almost feel depressed over it. I can't do much of anything but lay around on the couch in misery. Thanks so much for reading my long winded post

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