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Lymes or HIV
Jul 3, 2016
I'm so scared right now because I've had a mystery illness for about five years now with many symptoms and abnormal bloodworks but not diagnosis. I thought it was hypothyroidism at first because one of my strange symptoms is an enlarged thyroid with growing nodules. The nodules keep growing especially one which grew so fast they did a biopsy on it, but the test was negative..I thought they would finally diagnose me but I got nothing..
My symptoms began in 2010 with severe anxiety and depression. The anxiety was the most notable. I had a surgery done in the fall of 2011 and more symptoms surfaced immediately afterwards such as: wispy hair, pallor, anxiety and depression, high platelets, high glucose.
Around 2013 i gained 20 lbs in 30 months and another 10 lbs over a year. I got extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and more symptoms.
So I've been seeing an endo for four years and get an ultrasound on thyroid annually and got full bloodwork with antibodies, t3, t4, reverse t3 t4, tsh etc. everything was normal.
I kept researching my symptoms and it looked like it might be an autoimmune disorder so I scheduled an appt. with a rheum. I saw her and she ordered bloodwork for everything: celiacs, ra, lupus, lymes, sjorens, etc.
The bloodwork showed elevated CRP and ESR which means inflammation. My dr. didn't tell me that band 23 under lymes was also was under IGM which means its more recent, whereas IGG means chronic.
I called my gp when I discovered this abnormailtiy myself in the bloodwork----get a copy of your bloodwork results everytime---and finally I called my gp and made an appt. He said band 23 alone is a false positive and does not speciify I have Lymes.. But I have researched online and saw otherwise...
I told my dr I am suffering from something and told him all my symptoms...he said to get tested for hiv last Thurs... I am so scared for the results...what do you thinkk

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