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[COLOR="Blue"]Only Himalayan salt is to be used! I needed a buffered C but any C is fine. If you're going to start abx you really should see an LLMD and do it properly. Also get tested for co-infections. A number of LLMDs in NYC if you choose that route.[/COLOR]

So you NEVER took an antibiotic and you are healed of Lyme?
[COLOR="Blue"] No abx. 85% to 90% healed. When you have LD as long as I did, without tx, 100% is a stretch. This is why I always emphasize early tx![/COLOR]

May I ask what your symptoms were/are?
[COLOR="Blue"]"were"> too many to name. Bedridden, [I]chronically[/I] ill. "now" left with a number of joint problems because of late diagnosis and few other symptoms from time to time but functioning pretty darn well. . . considering my previous state![/COLOR]

While I'm resistant to taking meds I am bit frightened of the neuro-complications that severe cases can get.
[COLOR="Blue"]You can always do a combination abx/alternative if that would ease your mind.[/COLOR]

How did you finally get proper diagnosis? I am now convinced I may have had Lyme in the past and it was diagnosed as fibromyalgia.
[COLOR="Blue"]Very likely you were misdiagnosed. It happens all too frequently. I was one of the fortunate ones who tested "positive" on first testing. If you don't you are in the majority. Don't let it deter you from treating if you think you have LD. LLMDs diagnose first by [I]clinical symptoms[/I].[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Don't push a lot of different potions too fast. Start slow and work up. Introduce new ones slowly. Herxing, although not pleasant, is a good sign as it shows you are releasing toxins. You need to detox to mop them up and this will help you to feel better as well.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Your state of mind is [I]vitally[/I] important to the healing process. This is not about a "quick fix" (I wish it were!). Try to relax into the present circumstances (whatever they may be). You will then have the resource of a calmer mind to address your issues. I definitely understand fear and anxiety. We shouldn't deny our feelings but try not to let them influence your decisions.

I send you my most heartfelt wishes for healing days ahead.

Tess [/COLOR]

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