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This is my first post, found the forum after searching for some information about Lyme Disease.

Bit of background, been diagnosed with M.E/cfs for 10 years, circumstances prior to starting symptoms have always played on my mind a bit.

I was in Florida approx. 14 months before symptoms started (I'm from UK), during the time we were there I would sleep as soon as we got back from days out right through to the next morning. I've always been a light sleeper, I would probably sleep around 6 hrs a night before this so this would have been well over double the amount I would normally need. Had also been to Florida the year before, everything fine, not overly tired, not needing to sleep more so this was definitely out of the ordinary for me. When there we went through swamps in boat rides, the usual animal kingdom etc parks with the rainforest bits. I don't remember having a rash but I've recently read that one in 3 people won't get a rash. Was fine when I got home but as I said symptoms of chronic fatigue started the next year.

A lot of the symptoms overlap between the two illnesses I think, especially in long term Lyme Disease, however I've never experienced numbness or paralysis of muscles, only general weakness. Would it be worth being tested for Lyme Disease or would I have had more severe symptoms at the start of it was likely to be that?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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