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So this is my first post so please bear with me since it's a little lengthy. Roughly 4 weeks ago I began getting some constant muscle twitching in my left bicep. It has been pretty much non-stop since then but varies in intensity. For example, if I am just laying down and my arm is completely relaxed it looks like there is popcorn popping under my skin. If I flex my muscle or my arm is just extended then it just looks like a twitch (sometimes it's not even noticeable). And it always seems worse during the day but subsides at night.. So, unfortunately, I consulted Dr. Google and found that muscle twitching is a symptom of ALS. While I haven't seen any loss of muscle weakness or strength I began to severely panic over the thought of this. Then I started to take a breath and think about anything that might've caused this, like a muscle strain for example. I then thought about an infection that I got from a bite back in mid June, a couple weeks prior to the twitching. I noticed a raised red bump on my right leg. A couple days later it grew to the size of a quarter. So I went to the ER and they gave me an antibiotic but two days later it's spread 5 times in size and then I had really bad pain and it was turning purple. I return to the ER and they immediately administered IV antibiotics to treat it. However the antibiotics they gave me were to treat the cellulitis which is what they determined it was . I couldn't remember for the life of me what actually bit me, whether it was a tick or a spider, because I don't remember a tick being on my skin and me having to pull it off. I've always been proactive with my health so I didn't want to let this go on any longer. Last week I went to see my physician. She sent me to get a whole bunch of bloodwork and today I got the results that it came back positive for Lyme disease. I am starting to not worry so much about the possibility of ALS but now I have questions about Lyme disease. And that's why I'm here. So here are a couple questions I have for those that have been dealing with this.

1. Have any of you experienced muscle twitching like I explained? And this would also mean in just one particular area. I am only experiencing twitching in my left bicep.
2. Would it be normal for twitching to be the first symptom you would have or is there a standard of initial symptoms that would precede something like muscle twitching.
3. As of a few days ago I started getting some other symptoms. I'm having some ringing in the ears, fogginiess, and a slight inability to get out my thoughts. Are these symptoms also attributed to Lymes disease. From everything I read it says they are but I'm just curious on what other people have experienced.

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