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I'm not sure where to begin. I have been having some health problems starting about a year ago. My stomach was the main thing that seemed to bother me. When I ate fruits veggies mostly I would be sick the next day. Stomach cramping, diarrhea, chills. My stomach has gotten worse, cramping after I eat and periods of constipation also. I was also experiencing migraines that would be so bad I would go to bed. About 6 months ago I stopped eating wheat which ended my headaches for the most part and I noticed Rynauds on the bottom of my feet, tingling in my feet and some numbness. Sometimes I get so cold I can't get warm then I wake up sweating like I broke a fever. I feel like sometimes I have a mild fever when I over exert myself. Mild fatigue. My hair started to fall out soon after this, not enough to leave bald spots but my hair was noticeable thinner. I believe it stopped after 8 weeks. I've always had a problem with canker sores and being sick all the time as a child. I have some sore joints but nothing to be considered severe. I broke out in a rash when I was in the sun last summer but it could be from the tanning oil i used except it wasn't itchy and seemed very strange almost like goosebumps. I have some light sensitivity to my eyes as well. I take inhalers for my asthma so im not sure if my dry mouth is from that or from an underlying condition. My GP took an ANA and it came back positive 1:160 with a nuclear pattern. The metabolic panel came back normal. She has referred me to Rhumatologist and I'm waiting for the appointment. The GP said if she has to make an educated guess she would say it was lupus. Any idea on what may be going on? (I copied and pasted this from another forum when i was seeking answers back in October.) Since then i went to a rhumatologist and she did more blood work because she was concerned based on my symptoms of brain fog, raynauds, joint pain and low grade fevers. She took blood for doing an autoimmune screening and it came back negative across the board. yesterday I was told that there's nothing she can do, i don't fit for any autoimmune disease or fibromyalgia because with fibro you don't necessarily have fevers. I had blood drawn for lymes yesterday and should hear soon. I've studied up on it and looks like the test isn't all that accurate. Any info from anyone would be very much appreciated.. sorry for such the long post.

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