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I was diagnosed with Lyme back in Dec 2014 (I had it for a few years prior to testing). I was treated unsuccessfully for about a year before they tested for co-infections, and I tested positive on the Igenex antibody test for Babesia Duncani at that point (Oct 2015). I was retested in Dec 2016 for Babesia and the results were kind of confusing, so I was wondering if anyone had had a similar experience and could give me some guidance.

Initial test results were:
IgM (short-term antibodies): <30
IgG (long-term antibodies): >160
which I was told was in line with a long term infection.

My treatment (antibiotics & herbals) stopped in Oct and I have seemed fairly asymptomatic since; however, the last test results were:
IgM (short-term antibodies): 80
IgG (long-term antibodies): 80
which seemed good in that the long term antibodies were dropping, but it concerned me that the short-term antibodies had risen as both are still in the range that could indicate an active infection and the last thing that I want is to have this flare up again.

If anyone has had a similar experience I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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