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Hello all,

I'm a new member and would appreciate your feedback on my situation:

I am 31 years old male, married with 3 kids, living in Israel. Diagnosed with OCD from age 13. Taking Prozac ever since. My OCD symptoms are pretty much gone but I'm afraid to stop the medication. I had EBV in 2012 and CMV in 2014. Both of them lasted a month. In April 2016 I got another flu like sickness which lingered and I was sure it was CMV again since the symptoms felt the same. Sure enough my blood tests showed both igm and igg positive for CMV. Doctors told me that this doesn't indicate current CMV infection since I already had CMV in 2014. My symptoms are: constant fatigue and lack of energy and lethargic, I get 10 hours of sleep on an average night and wake up exhausted, trouble falling asleep at night due to feeling over exhausted, problems with digesting food- after I meal I feel like the food just sits there and my digestive wheels in my body are rusty and not turning properly, intense fatigue feeling in soles of feet especially when I wake up. In order to get out of bed I ask my wife to tickle the bottoms of my feet in order to relieve some of the tension that I feel down there. My feet constantly feel "dead" throughout the day and sometimes I feel like I should have them chopped off since they are dead and feel like a 3rd wheel ( just like you shed dead skin). I have constant upper spine and back aches. I put on bengay and arnica several times a day but it doesn't really help. I have brainfog and my thought process is slow. The brain fog usually happens when I'm alone. I find myself often just staring into space in a daze and then have to shake my head to snap out of it. My job as a husband and father is so stressful for me (aside from my performance at mywork job as an accountant which also got hit very hard) and I feel so bad for my wife and kids that they have to put up with my inability to function properly and the fact that I'm not who I used to be. I went to a few alternative medicine doctors and they started me on a whole bunch of supplements: vitamin A,C,D, megaB, magnesium, probiotics, dribose, pqq, q10, silver, oregano, etc... no significant improvement. The doctors concluded that I have CFS. In December I had a doctor suggest me take the standard ELISA borellia test and both igg and igm came back positive. Then I had the western blot done and igg was positive and igm was equivocal. My infectious disease doctor is still not convinced that it's Lyme (she says that there is no borrelia in Israel and if I indeed have Lyme, I would have had to get it while I was abroad). She said that although it seems that I have borrelia antibodies but that doesn't necessarily mean that I have borrelia bacteria-lyme. She had me do an MRI a few days ago and I'm waiting for the results. I started doxilin - today is my 11th day on doxilin 100 oral twice a day. I wish I can say that I feel improvement but unfortunately not. Maybe my brainfog is alittle better but that's about it. I'm still so fatigued and sluggish and "unhealthy".

I'm still not losing hope but my main current concern is to know for certain whether I have Lyme or not. Partly for my peace of mind to know what I have and mainly in order to narrow down on possible specific treatments for Lyme.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance and may we all see recovery!

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