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Hi All- haven't been on in years, but you all were a lifesaver to me with my lyme disease years ago. So I know I had tick bites again late April and found a few in me and started feeling vaguely ill so went for blood work at lab corp. What exactly does the Lyme AB/ Western Blot reflex Lyme IgG/ IGm Ab mean? I tested positive for that (equivocol) just over normal at 0.92. My western blot was negative. My question is will I always test positive for this if had lyme before? is this test the ELISA?

I am on Doxy 200 mg day for 3 weeks and am starting to feel a little better- less headaches, less neck pain, less dizziness. But being my first illness with lyme left me disabled for 3+ years, I am still a little paranoid.. Do you think I should repeat bloodwork again in 4-6 weeks or so, or do you think it's not necessary? thanks for your help. I do not want to go running to LLMD yet and spend a fortune, but also do not want to relive nightmare I went through before..

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