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Have I got lymes?
Oct 8, 2017
Can anybody please help?
Past 2 years I have been getting joint pain. Also right side abdomen skin pain.
4 months ago I got the following symptoms in the space of a week.
Which in the first time in my life has left me to have time of work.

Burning skin sensation arms legs including mouth.
Pins and needles hands and feet. Muscle tremors,spasms when resting and rigidity. Insomnia wake up every 2hrs. Every night no gaps.
Hypersensitive skin to heat and air.
Tinnitus and eye flickering.
headache above eyes. pressure behind eyes.
Tingling right side of face.
Night sweats.
Upper rght abdominal pain and tightness.
Strong pulse in upper abdomen.
Intolerance to bright light and noise. Peripheral noise either unbearably or startling.
Constant derealization and depersonalisation. Finding it difficult to drive.

Intrusive memory flashbacks.
Seeing objects moving in my peripheral view and momentarally confusing them for something else.
Constant restlessness. As resting state amplifies symptoms.

When this started I did get a NHS lymes test done but proved negative.
I have also had a clear MRI brain and back scan.
GP has off course put all these symptoms down anxiety and depression.
All though I have no history of this what's so ever.

Please can anybody help?
Thanks in advance.

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