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Hello, I am sorry you are not well. How are things now? If you look up your symptoms, you will see that it could be anything from Lyme to mast cell activation to IBS, to blastocystis, and so on. I know because I had the same. Pins and needles, numbness, inability to even look at people or interact... abdominal pain, stomach disturbances of all kinds. Insomnia. Mental fog. You know what I mean. I was treated for blastocystis with flagyl which made tingling and twitching even worse. Whatever I had, it’s getting better with the following regimen, at least for me. Benzos. Klonopin to sleep, Ativan as needed. It was critical to get some sleep. No coffee, alcohol, or chocolate (so boring, I know). Basically no stimulants. A very bland diet, try the FODMAPs, and then reintroduce foods as you start feeling better. I have an app witch shows me foods high in histamine, which I avoid. Don’t get diagnosed on the internet. It’s not going to help you at all. I was told it was anxiety as well, although I’ve never had problems before. My theory is that something triggers your immune response, whether it’s a parasite, or food, or a gut problem, and then you end up with all these symptoms. They do get better. Get plenty of rest, try to move much as you can tolerate, and keep a positive outlook. Eat clean and find if there are food triggers. I had what they called “the presidential workup”, MRIs, CT scans, endoscopy, etc. plus long lists of neurological and infectious tests. All normal. Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.

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