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I have been sick for 2.5 months now and forced my primary doc to help with a lyme test. I got a positive IGENEX test for lyme on immunoblot IGG this week. Below bands were positive/intermediate:


So at least have confirmation of what is ailing me. I'm left with more questions than answers at this point and am struggling to find a LLMD in my area (Texas). My primary care doc has me on a 3 week round of cefuroxime which I view as a shot in the dark. I have also just done a blood test for babesia (labcorp) but no results yet (I'm aware this test is also a shot in the dark). The following are my core symptoms: aches/chills, anxiety/depression, mild heart rate increase and air hunger. Have also had a few mini panic attacks, mild nausea, and an increase in deja vu.

I have a million questions, but in the meantime of me finding a LLMD, I wanted to see what approach might make sense given my situation. Am I right to think babesia could be likely here vs bartonella given my symptoms? Do my bands tell anything specific? My understanding is cefuroxime doesn't work for babesia so would need to switch meds to attack that.

Any advice is much appreciated.

So sorry you cannot find an LLMD in your area but this is really what you need to do as I really don't think that your primary doc can help you with this. Some people do travel to see an LLMD. You could also consider a Naturopathic doc who has had experience with LD.

The problem with LD is that the longer you wait to get proper treatment the more difficult it becomes to turn things around as the infection moves from the blood into tissues. You obviously have a tick related infection, as evidenced by the lab result you posted. An LLMD would also test for all the co-infections, not just Babesia. Igenex would be the best lab for these tests as well.

In the meantime, you could start some vitamins and herbals like oil of oregano, high doses of vitamin C, Magnesium and Vitamin D, if yours is low. Most lymies tend to be low in Magnesium and Vitamin D. If you have Babesia there are additional herbs that would help. Air hunger is common with lyme and babesia. It was one of the main symptoms that was difficult for me to turn around but as soon as you start proper treatment with a qualified specialist in LD and also detox, detox, detox, you should start to notice some symptoms abating.

I hope you can find the care you need soon.


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