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Just know that testing is not always gospel. I only tested positive on Igenex band 22 and was told I did not have lyme despite having over 35+ symptoms from the standard list. Saw 3 docs said no lyme. Went to LLMD and was diagnosed based on symptoms and band 22. But it took about a year after bitten and inflicted with severe neuro symptoms. LLMD put me on high dose abx for about 9 months. Lots of supplements too to combat the gut issues associated with abx. 100mg of abx is not enough especially for later stage diagnosis. Hope you get the help you need. I was not willing to accept a diagnosis of MS or something else. I knew in my heart it was lyme. I am about 85% better, but some things won't go away like neurophhy, can't spell or type well anymore. But I'm happy to be able to live because before life wasn't worth living. Felt like I was dying.

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