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ok. Back in June or july 2018, I went to the doctor because I felt a hot pins and needle sensation in my legs. i also felt like my legs were being waited down when I walked, and It was somewhat difficult to get up, after sitting down. I got my blood tested and came back positive for lyme. The bands i got were; IG 58, IG 93, IG18, IG28, IG39, and IG41. I was put on the normal doxycycline course.

During that time, I have mild symptoms, such as; tingling in legs, slight muscle fatigue, migrating pains in different body parts, low grade headaches, and very rarely, knee pain. All of these symptoms were mild. About a 2 or 3 on a ten point scale. However, they never went away with anti-biotics.

I then went to see an LLMD. He put me on two separate anti-biotics. Still no change. Same mild symptoms. I stopped seeing him because he actually had the nerve to get angry with me for not getting better. he told me there was nothing more he could do.

Then I went to another LLMD. He charged rediculous amounts for supplements that he said would work. They didn't. Same mild 2-3 level symptoms.

Finally, desperate, i went to a chiropractor. he put me on some kind of immune boosting supplement. That's it! No tests no nothing. Same mild symptoms. No change. I went to get tested by a real MD. And found that I was still positive for the exact same IGG bands. There had been no change in a whole year!

Can someone PLEASE tell me what may be wrong? Why have I not changed in a year, despite anti-biotics, diet changes, immune boosters etc? Why are my symptoms so mild? Some days, i even feel almost completely normal. Why? Shouldn't I be bed ridden and in constant pain like everyone else with this disorder? Is that my future? Is this going to get worse? Do I have a treatment resistant form?

Someone PLEASE tell me? Just give me anything! Anything! Fear rules my life now, because I don't know what's going on and all the "experts" can't tell me.
LD does not follow a natural course. Much depends on how soon you were treated after being infected. Detoxing is vital to management of lyme symptoms. I would strongly suggest you do research on this as there are many things that you can do to offset some of the symptoms you are experiencing. I would also suggest that you stay with lyme specialists (LLMD's). Other's who claim to be able to treat lyme usually do not have the knowledge or experience to do so.

That your symptoms are mild is actually a benefit as this is not the case for most "lymies". I understand your frustration, but LD is not like other diseases. Those of us with late-stage lyme (which I hope you never develop) often require lifetime management. That you still have symptoms, even though "mild", means that you still need treatment of some kind. Those symptoms, if not addressed, could become more severe if the spirochetes get another foothold in your system.

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to become knowledgeable about this disease. Look for Lyme support groups as well as talking with others with LD will help you to put things into perspective. This can also be useful in finding honor roll LLMDs in your area. I wish you all the best with this.


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