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ok. Back in June or july 2018, I went to the doctor because I felt a hot pins and needle sensation in my legs. i also felt like my legs were being waited down when I walked, and It was somewhat difficult to get up, after sitting down. I got my blood tested and came back positive for lyme. The bands i got were; IG 58, IG 93, IG18, IG28, IG39, and IG41. I was put on the normal doxycycline course.

During that time, I have mild symptoms, such as; tingling in legs, slight muscle fatigue, migrating pains in different body parts, low grade headaches, and very rarely, knee pain. All of these symptoms were mild. About a 2 or 3 on a ten point scale. However, they never went away with anti-biotics.

I then went to see an LLMD. He put me on two separate anti-biotics. Still no change. Same mild symptoms. I stopped seeing him because he actually had the nerve to get angry with me for not getting better. he told me there was nothing more he could do.

Then I went to another LLMD. He charged rediculous amounts for supplements that he said would work. They didn't. Same mild 2-3 level symptoms.

Finally, desperate, i went to a chiropractor. he put me on some kind of immune boosting supplement. That's it! No tests no nothing. Same mild symptoms. No change. I went to get tested by a real MD. And found that I was still positive for the exact same IGG bands. There had been no change in a whole year!

Can someone PLEASE tell me what may be wrong? Why have I not changed in a year, despite anti-biotics, diet changes, immune boosters etc? Why are my symptoms so mild? Some days, i even feel almost completely normal. Why? Shouldn't I be bed ridden and in constant pain like everyone else with this disorder? Is that my future? Is this going to get worse? Do I have a treatment resistant form?

Someone PLEASE tell me? Just give me anything! Anything! Fear rules my life now, because I don't know what's going on and all the "experts" can't tell me.

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