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Hi Pitnum:

I'm learning as I go, and have found a pretty good LD guy. From what I understand, any test other than a PCR is pretty unreliable. A negative PCR test is inconclusive, but a positive PCR result is a slam-dunk-you-have-Lyme-disease answer. And, it only takes one to come back that way. The reason (as it's been explained to me) is that the PCR test looks for the DNA of the LD spirochete. But, these things don't stay in the blood stream long, since they don't like highly oxygenated tissue. So, the chances of pulling a blood sample with the LD bacteria are fairly low, unless you can pull a sample directly from tissue that's being affected. My LD Doc will do up to 20 PCR tests before declaring someone negative. I came back positive for the PCR in urine after the 11th test, and am now two weeks into the IV therapy. So far so good, no real reactions yet, but everyone is different.

BTW, I never had any of the classic symptoms, I started asking about LD possibilities when I had some suspected nocturnal seizure like activity. Don't know if there's a connection or not, but either way I found I had Lyme, and Babesiosis, though that was only the ELISA, not PCR. Since Babesia Microti is a blood parasite, PCR is pretty reliable, it would come back positive almost every time if you have it, so he concluded I had been exposed, and my immune system must have done it's job.

I would think if you had multiple positive PCRs, you need to continue treatment. But that's my laymans opinion.

Hope this helps.

I was tested with the Western Blot after 8 weeks of oral Doxy. I had been tested before the Doxy and again it was negative. The PCR's are supposed to be difficult to test positive on........I seem to be doing everything in reverse order!

I'm not really looking forward to the IV's, so maybe I was subconsciously looking for a way out. I am a big chicken and I worry about feeling sicker before I feel better. I know there is no easy way out, but if there was, you can bet I would take it!

Take care,
Pitnum :wave:[/QUOTE]

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