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2 months before christmas *I work at waverly hills* right smack in a heavy woods area in Louisville,KY.

Anyways, before christmas I started having weird split second hmmm weakness... like a dizzy like weak type feeling and it would go away... well.. it spooked me.. Im 23 and thought I was really healthy and had go go juice when I wanted it, now it comes and goes. recently I have started getting headaches above my right temple but I believe these are from all the stress Im going under right now from not knowing whats wrong.

I have been to the ER and spent two days while they checked my heart out, they found nothing.. I mean NOTHING.. got me up to 190 a minute and pooring sweat, at THAT time I had no dizzy feeling, I have had severe SEVERE acid reflux around that time, Im not sure if its an ulcer thats doing this or what.. I have been told nerves can do the severe acid reflux and panic attacks can do the dizzy thing... problem is there IS no panic attack when this stuff hits.. its like fine one second and WHAM! before you know it... your nausiated, dizzy/weak type stuff sets in... you get a little foggy headed.

For the last 2 days I have not had it, feel a little TAD bit of it but its not bothering me, NOW... what IS bothering me is my nerves... its like everything is to much to take... *could this be from worrying about whats wrong?*

Im tellin ya guys, this is unreal when this hits... SOMETIMES I might get a tingle in my left hand.. but not arm.... *mostly when Im driving* probly not even related.. I press pretty hard on the top of the wheel when driving :)

Like right now its 5:30 AM and I feel REALLY good accept all the stress this thing has me under worrying about it, plus other stuff I have goin on right now.

Someone please help, I cant work and my life is going downhill, these dizzy/nausia/foggy things hit and it puts me down and 6 hours later it goes away completely... then 2 days-5 days later BAM its back.

Dad says when It really hits me I look "displaced/spacy" like Im not real sharp at the time and then BAM its gone like 30 minutes later.. sometimes 5-6 hours latter and sometimes I dont get it for days. Sometimes I can goto work *security guard* and work fine with no problems... sometimes by the time Im about there *a ten minute trip* its onsetting and I have to call in and go home, IF its coming on riding in a car makes it WAY worse.

I also DID have real bad rapid heart beat, this has got ALOT and I mean ALOT better with time. Now I can get up and it doesnt really change alot.

my BP does raise some when I get up, my pulse rate *while I was in ER for the first time* really went up when I would stand but I was SOOOOO scared, like you go.. this is it.. its actually happening to me.. :rolleyes:

It is getting better in some ways and worse in others, I dont really like to eat because I have SOME nausia ALL the time... exept like between my first and 2nd meal of the day.

I got people telling me its an ulcer, but I feel like ... like now.. I feel like a flu is coming but its not really here yet... it just drags you down.

I have NEVER had this before around christmas it was slight and then BAM ... all out attacks, just help me out.. can I goto an immediate care center and get any good answers? or do I need to skip that and wait for my uni doc app and get them to figure it out?

It just REALLY spooks me.

When I first started dealing with it my heart would skip, I believe this is from nerves because now I am alot more calm when it hits and my heart beats fine, like I said though... my BP is 130's over 83-7's, the only time the bottom number is like 50's is when Im just getting up, once it hits 80's for the day it stays. My top number does not climb easily, verry hard to get the top number up. I believe when my HR was 190+ my top number was 170 something.

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