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Aside of debilitating, it is frusterating!
Noone has diagnosed me with anything at all, and my primary just thinks I'm a nut. The only reason I have to be depressed, which is what he thinks I am, is because they can't find out what is wrong with me! My primary problem is the Pins & Needles in my feet, it is CONSTANT, like bees buzzing around in them, I also get it in my arms & hands (hands & feet are constantly cold too, but don't change color). The joint pain I have, but it is not in my neck, I have it in my hands, elbows (that is weird!) shoulder, knees. My only blood test that showed abnormal was my RA factor (rheumatoid arthritis) but the Rhuematologist didn't think I had that at all, when he re-tested it came back even more abnormal, but still thought nothing of it, he said many people test positive that don't have it, and mine was only slightly abnormal. Normal is 1-14, the 1st time I was 19, the second time I was 24. I also heard somewhere that you can test pos for RA with Lyme disease??? I just don't know anymore!!!!!!!!!
[B]Has anyone with Lyme have the worst symptom being Pins & Needels in feet/legs. arm/hands?? Then they fall asleep too[/B]
I have so many other symptoms, but the tingling is the worst, I see this on the list of symptoms, but it is never on a MAIN SYMPTOM list, it is mostly in the "10-15% of people may experience" lists. :(
I am going crazy here, and don't know what kind of doctor to turn to anymore.

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