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Hey Kyle.
I too had a difficult time getting a diagnosis and 4 top neuro's in my area all thought I had MS They gave me steriods and almost killed me, I lost my vision had tmj, swollen joints ect... I had 2 negative lyme tests already then another doctor gave me a western blot igg igm and I finally got a possitive test for lyme and started treatment, I have the lesions too and all the symptoms that you have.
I would love to help out if I can. I would certainly not get treated for ms. I would see a lyme literate doctor first and take some antibiotics before I ruined my imunne system with ms drugs
Don't we all go thru these Dr. fiascos!!! I live in Ok and tho I have had 4 positive IgM on WB for Lymes, my docs still think it could be false positive!! I have stomped my feet alot and have gotten one dr. to at least test and listen! I am going to a Lymes Literate Dr. C in Springfield MO- will let you know how it goes - you should definately find one yourself - hoping by now you have!! Your symptoms parallel mine - hang in there and find the right Dr. - this is not in your head (well, you probably do have those nasty spiroquites in there!!!) [ [COLOR=Sienna][I]removed[/I][/COLOR] ] :wave:

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