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Hey Kyle,

Go back and reread tickers LYME DISEASE INFORMATION and I would suggest that you read the book she mentioned. I got my copy from my local library when I first started researching Lyme...

My doctors thought I had some rare, rare condition and I cannot remember the name of it. They were more concerned with my rapid heart beat/high pulse rate and ignoring my other complaints.

I read you’re other posts and you sound so much like I did before I was diagnosed. I am not saying you definitely have Lyme as I am not a doctor but it is very suspicious… Why did the infectious disease doc say you are not infected? Was it because your test was negative?

I tested negative twice, finally tested positive through Igenex lab. However, I was lucky as many never test positive... The babesia made me terribly sick on top ot the lyme. I am still fighting Lyme and Bartonella but thank god that babesia is under control. Have you read about co-infections?

I could not walk up or down the steps w/o my legs shaking. I could not lift a pot of water, carry groceries or open jars. I was so weak and afraid I had MS... I was so tired and would actually sleep all day. I cannot count the number of days I missed work.

My eye twitched all the time, then it quit and it moved to my body. Sometimes it felt like fireworks were exploding throughout my whole body. Twitch, Twitch, Twitch... You could actually see it.

I had a hard time swallowing, chest pain, head pressure, air hunger, my butt, feet, hands, legs hurt among other things. I felt like bugs were crawling in my ankles and head, buzzing feelings, flushing, severe nausea, blurred vision, weird sensations throughout my body which are very hard to explain, my arm jerked, numbness in hands, feet, toe, shaking and the list goes on...

I was a very active person before this… If you feel this could be Lyme please see an LLMD. There are many misdiagnosed with MS, Lupus, Fibro, CFS, ALS… I know a lady in NJ that was diagnosed with MS in 99 and just found out in August that she has Bartonella which is another tick borne disease.

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