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If this is Lyme long term antibiotics will make the neuro and pain stop eventually. Lyme is a multi systematic disease and can cause so many problems. Three weeks is not long enough for you. Knowing what I know now 3 weeks is not long enough for early lyme either. If a dog is given six week for early lyme what does that tell you?

A lady in my area was diagnosed early and it still took 9 months to get things under control. Have you read the book ticker mentioned under the post titled LYME DISEASE INFORMATION? Your local library should have it. I suggest you read this book and keep researching the web.

The fact that you have tested positive would make me think this is lyme and possibly co-infections causing you to feel the way you do. I am not a doctor and this is just my opinion… but if I were you I would find an LLMD and run as fast as I could to his office.

Lyme does not go away it only gets worse. Any PCP that tells you 10 days of doxy cures lyme is dead wrong. You can continue to believe what this guy is telling you or you can take you health into your own hands. I would suggest the latter…

Had I listened to my doctors I would still be miserable. I had not very felt well since the early nineties but the symptoms were mild. Mostly sinus infections, numbness, TMJ, URI, joint pain, ringing ears, fatigue… Things were getting a little worse year by year…

Then in June 2001 I got a bad case of poison ivy and was prescribed prednisone. That was the beginning of a very miserable time in my life... Steroids suppress the immune system and the Lyme… went out of control. Looking back it was probably a blessing in disguise but I thought I would die before finding out what was wrong.

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