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Hi Everyone,
I have been batteling symptoms of lymes for 10 months now. For 7 seven of these months I have been being told that I have MS Because of lesions that showed up on an MRI. But no doctor is given me a diognoses for MS or will they listen to me. I went to another neuro on the 24th and he said the lesions aren't really in the right spot for MS whether this is true or not I don't know because the first opinion I had never told me that. I was hospitalized when all this started and when I had the MRI the doctor told me I had MS so now I have 1 doctor says I do and 2 say there not sure. But I guess what my question is, is how bad can Lymes Disease cause neurological problems because that seems to be my biggest complaint I feel dizzi all the time along with brain fog, double vision, drunk feeling, body tremors all the time, constant muscle spasms, muscle tightness in right pectoral muscle all the time. If I do get treated for all this and it is lymes will the neuro problems start to subside? I'm worried it might be ALS because of the muscle tightness Im having and I thing ALS causes this. Some other symptoms are:Frequent urination,joint pain in fingers no swelling though,severe back and neck pain,jaw pain,weekness in arms cant even drive with hand on top of steering wheel as to be on the bottom gets to tired other wise,blepher spasm in left eye,shortness of breath,neck creeks,and the list goes on. So any help would be greatly appriciated.
Kyle1, I have had similar symptoms, some not as severe as yours, but mine include numbness in the toes. My doctor never diagnosed me with lyme disease, but now they think I might have fibromyalgia. That relates to the muscle pain. Read up about fibromyalgia as well. I did not have any brain lesions and my neurologist said I do not have MS. I had an MRI of my brain in January. My neck creaked all the time, now all of my joints grind and creak. I was treated for lyme with doxycycline from September to December.

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