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Hi all, :wave:

I am saddened to see all the new names in this post but glad you found this site so maybe you will get some answers.

I was told for years I had MS and about 8 months ago had a second lyme test through Quest which of course came back negative. Band 23 was the only positive for me but according to the bands list on here is specific for lyme. Nobody tells you that the test is not very good. :rolleyes:

An Infectious disease doctor put me on rocephin IV last October and we continued for 9 weeks with some minor improvement but had to pull it because my liver enzymes jumped from 40 - 737. Too dangerous. I then went on oral Doxy for 2 months with no reaction. Of course he followed CDC guidelines 100mg/2x a day which is way to low but no changing his mind.

I started researching cat's claw after seeing some people on here were doing better while taking it and went back to see a homeopathic doctor I had seen a year before. We know it isn't MS because all symptoms have been 24/7 for over 4 1/2 years now and I have major mobility problems plus hands that have been stiff and numb the entire time. MS symptoms tend to come and go which this is not doing. Plus after # 5 & 6 MRI a neuro-radiologist said it wasn't MS. My spinal tap was clear too. I am not quite sure what the neuros were basing an MS diagnosis on.

My homeopathic put me on saventaro (enzymatic therapy cat's claw capsule) because this is what he was familiar with and colloidal silver. I have since switched to liquid samento from Nutramedix and hope for some good results. We have a few people on here taking it with great results. You can go back and read Amber's posts. She is doing fantastic. Her doctor said she would be on it a minimum of 8 months.

It will take 8 -12 months to get better but so will the antibiotics. Maybe even longer. I don't know if this will work but like you all I got tired of dumping all the antibiotics into my system. I honestly can't say which will work better but I feel each case is different and you have to "find your way". Most people believe antibiotics are the answer and maybe they are but I felt I had to give this a shot.

I recently bought a fabulous book that you might be interested in called "Healing Lyme...." by Stephen Harrod Buhner. It talks about the natural route and is very detailed with protocols listed not only for lyme but co-infections and symptoms too. The title is actually a little longer and if you go back a few threads on the list you will find the name of the book on a thread by ncgirl. She is doing antibiotics at this time but was very enthused about this book. It was only $20 and well worth the money. I ordered mine through Barnes & Noble. The author discusses treatment with natural protocols added to antibiotics and also natural products by themselves because antibiotics have failed.

As I said I did the saventaro for a while but have only been on the liquid samento for a few weeks so can't give a heads up yet but am hoping. This is such a fickle disease and it takes a lot to get rid of it especially if you have had it for any length of time. We have a pharmacist on here who says that cat's claw is in the quinolone family like Doxy so hopefully it will work. Time will tell.

Good luck to you all and please keep us posted on the results. We all need encouragement. Maybe we could even start a thread for the Samento people like I encouraged the Picc-line people to do. We are all in this together and need to help one another.

Betterdaysforme (Maureen)
Hi all,

I actually started taking Samento when I first started Dr. Jernigan's Borrelogen which contains Samento. Then a few weeks later I bought Nutramedix's Liquid Samento and now I am up to 12 drops a day.

I feel wonderful with no side effects whatsoever. I actually have more energy, I am sleeping less (that's a miracle!) and my mind is more clear.

I know the Samento is working for me and I hope it works for everyone else (Jeanne, I am sorry that you can not tolerate it, but at least you are getting some Samento in the Borrelogen).

I also think that keeping a positive attitude is so important. I have let myself fall into a dark rut of depression before and believe me, I really scared myself with my dark thoughts. I had just watched a movie called "House of Sand and Fog" and after watching that, my depression deepened.

Now I refuse to let myself think negative thoughts and I am keeping a positive attitude no matter what life's problems keep throwing at me.

Have a super weekend all!

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