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[QUOTE=dizzyinmissouri]I am very distressed because for some reason the ticks are so bad this year. Our family continues to find ticks attached. Between four of us we have removed about 10 ticks, most of them deer ticks. So far, our youngest is the only one who has come up with symptoms (102 fever, sore neck, headache...). He is finishing up a long term dose of antibiotics. I have taken four off of me and I am already struggling with what I think is an inner ear disorder, for the past 10 months (imbalance, dizziness, stiff neck, etc.). Having to worry about contracting lymes really stresses me! :confused: My question is, what are the very first symptoms we should be looking for outside of the bullseye rash? I would really appreciate any advice as I am very alarmed about this.
We are picking up the ticks out in our yard. We live out in the country on six acres and have never had a problem with ticks like we are having this spring.
Thanks for any information!
One thing I wish I had known 13yrs ago is it gives false tests results unless you send to Igenix or Bowen labs. My son was only 4yrs old got the bullseye rash they sd lyme & treated him for 6wks took a test & it was neg. I didn't know anything about it thought it was gone & we moved to Fla (worst state to be in w/lyme) Well anyway for 10yrs he was so sick terrible head pain, eye problems, knee problems, went from very bright to learning disabled. Nobody vould figure it out, it bothered me so much I did research & ck'd symptoms of lyme on the net he most of them! Sent to Igenix lab in Cal & sure enough came back lyme. By then it had done so much damage. He is 16 now & still fighting what it has done & been on IV for yrs. Just be careful of the tests & get to know all about it thru lyme forums. Good luck

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