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I have been on these posts before for my son, but have come to realize that I also have lymes. I have been sick since last July but I focused on the dizziness and did not even consider lymes. Now that the dizziness has gotten better, I am beginning to recognize the other symptoms and dealing with the lymes with my 5 year old has lead me to see what the symptoms are. I absolutely fit the symptoms to a tee. Also, the disease seems to be accelerating and I am scared. I hurt from head to toe and am beginning to experience muscle twitching, eyes hurt just to move them, VERY sensitive to light, for example, headlights of an oncoming car. HURTS! Part of me is relieved that I feel certain I have found an answer to my illness and another part of me is terrified.
I want to deal with this correctly from the beginning and would appreciate it if anyone knows of a reputable doctor that deals with lymes in Missouri.
Also, is there anything over the counter that can help relieve the pain?
Thanks for the help!
Hello Vicki,
Try not to be scared. Things will get better. You are very lucky as you live near a wonderful Lyme literate medical doctor. His patients rave about him and people travel from all over the country to see this very caring doc.

I am sorry you and your son are going through this. How is your son doing? I do not know what to suggest for the pain, sorry. Maybe Ticker can suggest something. You need to make that appointment asap.

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