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I tested positive for Lyme in May, less than a week after noticing a very odd rash near a tick bite site. (mine was more comet shaped than bullseye).My dr told me the results should come back somewhere between .01 and 1.2, mine came back 1.29. About 6 wks prior, I left work early feeling like I had the flu and yet "knew" it wasn't the flu. After reviewing some info regarding Lyme symptoms, I suspect I may have had Lyme for some time maybe a year or so.

Dr. put me on doxy 100 mgs x 2 daily the first wk, till the test results came back. At the 2nd Dr. visit, more blood was drawn for 2nd test, which came back "very little change". I was told this on my 3rd visit, 5 wks after the initial test and having taken 1 wk doxy 1 wk nothing then 2 wks doxy, 1 wk nothing. The doc did not do another test and told me I should have had enuff antibiotics in my system to take care of it and to come back in 8 wks for 3rd test. Medical resources online state that just because you still test positive doesn't mean you have Lyme disease. :confused:

Problem is, I feel terrible. ( extreme fatigue, depression with no apparent "real" cause, foggy thinky, forgetfullness, headaches flushing of neck and face) I feel worse now than ever before. And I'm concerned that after the 1st wk of meds, there was "little" change in the test results. I'm concerned with the symptoms I keep having, if an 8 wk wait is in my best interests. I'm kinda lost as to what to do next. See a different Dr, hope for the best and wait it out another 8 wks? Try supplements to boost my immune system?

Any input is much appreciated.
Thanks Ticker

I live in South Carolina/Georgia state border near Augusta, GA.

I felt the sickest, with many symptoms "hitting" me simultaneously immediately upon taking the doxy. I thought it must be medicine side effects, then I read about the Herxheimer reaction, and believe this is what happened to me. Before, I have had joint aches and pains among other symptoms but they were always spread out over time and didn't necessarily correspond to each other and could be blamed on yard work, chronic back pain, insomnia, stress. But once on the doxy they all hit at once, nausea, dizziness, extreme fatigue, headaches. I was tested for arthritis and rheumatism, lupus, diabetes, thyroid problems, all came back negative - about 2 years ago.

When I first went to the dr his comment was it wasn't the "usual" rash associated with tick borne illnesses (shape was more comet than round and wasn't quite as red as some pics I have seen) but put me on the 1st course (10 days) doxy anyway as a precaution. I was tested for erlichiosis, spotted fever and lyme, I am not sure about the other ones you mention. Only the lyme came back positive. The 2nd test was only for lyme to see if the 1st course of meds were working, apparently not much since there were "very little" change in the "score" .

Both my dogs have been treated for erlichiosis (they have lyme vaccinations) so I am keenly aware of being careful of ticks and have caught one crawling on me on occasion, but never found a "bad" bite or rash till this little bugger. My theory is I may have already had lyme, this one tick rash prompted me to go to the dr and have it checked. Who can know for sure how long it's been there.

I am checking into other possible drs in the area with more knowledge and concern about lyme.

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