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hi there and sorry your son is going thru this. i had bells palsey from lyme and mine lasted 7 weeks. it was pure agony, i hated it. for me though, they told me i did not have lyme and only treated me for the bells palsey. i had to take prednisone for several weeks. the first couple of weeks, just take the meds (which is a steroid), tape my eye shut at night and use fake tears so eye would not develop an ulser from getting too dry.
after 2 weeks, dr had me start to exercise my face. trying to lift my eyebrows, try to form a smile several times a day. as time went on and doses of prednisone got smaller and smaller, face started working more and more. now you can't even tell i had bells palsey, unless i am very tired, then my one eye looks a bit lazy. your son will get thru this, but i would ask to see a neurologist about the bells palsey to be sure it is taken care of properly. in the first weeks, he should not try to move his face though if i remember correctly.
after 6 years, i finally found a dr who treated me for the lyme and all seems fine now
good luck to you and your son

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