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Jun 15, 2004
After spending so much money on Mepron, Zithromax, and Doxycycline I am ready to try something new to kill the babesiois and lyme. I looked through a lot of websties and came across Dr. Zhang. Has anyone heard of this guy? I would like some feedback from you guys. He seems to have a great knowledge of infectious diseases, and how to treat them with herbal remedies. He had a full treatment outline and everything. Anyway I'm about to order some of this stuff so wish me luck.

Re: Zhang?
Aug 14, 2004
just finished up the babesiosis cycle of the treatment with zhang herbs. Switching to the lyme focused herbs. Havent taken antibiotics in a couple months. Moved to florida recently and the warm weather definately feels good on the body. i'll keep you guys updated. Might go get a babesiosis test done to see if the results have changed, but need a lil more money and a lil more confidence.


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