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Thanks for the reply! Sarah is now saying that its exactly where her brother accidently hit her the day before yesterday when they were 'rough-housing'. Her teacher saw it yesterday and said yes, it looks like a bruise, (her husband has Lyme disease) as did two other teachers who saw it. I'm not convinced of that, as a bruise changes as time passes..the mark, to me, looks the same this morning. Plus all the other factors of the fever, pains, etc...
I did take a couple of pics of it yesterday, as a matter of fact. lol But yes, I'll take another with a coin there to show size better.
I wouldn't think she has had it for 4 years though as she's never really had any major complaints since then as far as aches and pains-just the normal 'kid stuff'.
As far as me, no, I don't believe its LD. I have pos tests for the Lupus along with many other associated disorders, like, Raynauds, Sjogrens, Osteoarthritis, APS-a blood clotting disorder common in 'Lupies', nerve damage, many of the 'criteria' for a Lupus DX and more, including the Fibro, of which I more than meet the 'criteria' for as well. Plus the fact that my aunt had it years ago when they didn't know as much about Lupus, she died at age 29 due to kidney failure, when I was about 11 yrs old.
I am now almost 38 and have suffered with these pains since my early teen years.(normal for one with Lupus-DX can take YEARS!)
So, as far as that goes, in mycase, I firmly believe the Lupus and Fibro, etc. DX's are correct.
For my daughter to have had it for 4 years though...I find that strange that it would take 4 years to show the bullseye rash.
My son needs to be tested again as well, since a few wks ago, I pulled a tick out of his head, behind his ear the very night he came back from an 8'th grade hiking trip in a local state forest! he said one kid in his class found 2 or 3 ticks on him that day...they hadn't 'imbedded yet' but were just on his clothing. The one in my son's head was in there good. Removed it the way I was told to...firm grip with tweezers, pulling straight out. Nothing of the tick remained behind. From our past experience, the doc had said testing should be done a few wks after, so he has not gone it looks like they both need to be tested again. He shows no symptoms, other than his normal tiredness from having Fibro, which he was DX'd with last summer at a huge, well-known teaching hospital's 'pediatric rheumatology' dept.(at the reccomendation of MY rheumy) They had also done the Lyme testing and the doc said she's sure its not Lyme with him, but the Fibro.
It all gets so confusing! lol
And all this as we are less than 2 weeks away from moving out of the country, back down to where we moved up here from 10 yrs ago, PLUS the upcoming graduations and party of my 14 yr old son and my 18 yr old son in the same week we move!
I'm in the process of having the records from their doc all transfered down there too, to a doc there we use to see before we moved up here!
I really hope and pray that it IS just a bruise like she says...I'm keeping a close watch on it to look for changes as a bruise would. Her doc wasn't in yesterday, so I am calling back this morn and see what he wants to do right now.
Thanks again. I'll let ya know how it goes.


Sorry to hear that you've had LD since age 8! How old are you now? If you don't mind me asking.
And is it true that the test would be inconclusive if done too early and that we should wait a few wks before testing after a tick is found or LD suspected(as in the case of my daughter's rash)
I did forget to mention that nowhere on her rash is there a 'bite-mark' of any type and pics I have seen all have a 'bite mark' in the center area...some large, some tiny, but all with that mark.
Thanks for your reply and I hope you are feeling well. :)


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