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Hello. First of all, we live in New the upper part...the country/mountains, so Lyme is quite prevelant here.
This morning as I was getting my daughter ready for school, I noticed an odd rash on her forearm. Its a red ring and the center looks like a dusky light bruise...about 3 inches long, 2 inches wide. My firts thought was 'now that's an odd looking bruise'. Then it hit me...the 'bullseye rash'! Why it hit me so sudden is the fact that last week, for no reason at all, my daughter spiked a fever! The school nurse had called and said Sarah's fever was 102.3! I brought her home and her fever continued on and off for a few days. I figured it was a stomach virus type thing since I wasn't feeling too well at the time with an upset stomach for 2 days. Her fever finally ended and I didn't give it much more thought...till this morning, that is. And then...I recalled her saying yesterday morning that her neck was stiff and so was her leg. I figured it was the way she slept(she had slept on the floor of our room on blankets because her room was too hot and besides, most of our stuff is packed/moved already as we are moving in 2 weeks).
Then, this morning, before I noticed the rash, she said her throat hurt her a little...again, being a mom of 4, I thought, 'she just doesn't want to go to school.'
Now, I find that rash and looked some things up. I even found a picture that looks MUCH like her rash!
see pic here: (first one on page)

So, now I am wondering if this is Lyme disease! I will probably get her to her doc asap and have him run the test...she was tested once before for it, about 4 years ago, along with Lupus testing due to complaints she was making of joint pain, tiredness etc...and since I have Lupus they tested her to be sure. It was neg. as was the Lyme test.
Anyone else have children around this age with Lyme? What were the initial symptoms and what was the treatment?
I'd appreciate any help on this. I know a lot about Lyme since I too was tested before my DX of Lupus and Fibro...but now, as a mom, I worry more for my daughter as I know that the symptoms and problems caused by Lyme are quite similar to that of Lupus/Fibro pains and problems and I KNOW how much that pains me each and every day! I would NOT want my child to go through such a thing.
Thank you,

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