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That is the very thing I learned from all of this. Never blindly accept what any doctor tells you regardless of the situation. We should always research and understand... Doctors are not gods and do not know everything. We are trained to believe they know best but that is not always the case. Sometimes they do great things and sometimes they totally screw up... Most are not knowledgable about tick borne diseases and I pray that changes very soon.

As far as Dr. S goes he will open back to new patients shortly. This just happened about a month ago. He is the only reputable doctor that I know of in the area. Start with the phone call... Most LLMD's have a wait especially this time of year. There are way too few of them. If you find an LLMD that can see you in a day or two they are probably not your best bet...

Things will be ok. You are ahead of the game just by educating yourself now instead of years from now. Do as Ticker suggested and get your doc to continue the IV or follow up with orals. You are you own best advocate.

When you do get an appointment with Dr. S he is very punctual. I have never waited more than 3 minutes. I did not want you to think patients are hanging out in the lobby. He just will not take on more than he can handle. Maybe you could email and explain the situation... Emails are listed on the web site. Oh yeah, I always forget to mention that the practice is an east meets west practice but Dr. S treats aggressively with antibiotics...

As far a diet goes. No sugar, caffine, alcohol, flour. Take a good brand of acidophilus/probiotics to replace the good bacteria that the antibiotics are wiping out... but do not take it with antibiotics. You are asking very good questions and I am sure you can find a lot of info if you keep at it.

Hope you are feeling better real soon.

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