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I could really use some insight and help finding a LLD in Denver.

I'm currently seeing a alternitive MD. He did know enough to have my test done at IGeneX and says he has a plan. But I'm a little hesitant without getting some more info. The lab performed two tests the Lyme ***-BLOT Essay Panel which one of the 3 samples came back positive and the Multiplex-B which came back negitive. Is this a positive test? Since I have Kaiser insurance I'm pretty sure they will be little help. If anyone has had luck with Kaiser let me know.
My Alt. MD says he thinks we should do IPT treatments, but I'm not sure what that will mean or what it will COST.
My symtoms started at least 9 yrs. ago. I have swelling and stiffness in my finger joints, ankles. Pain in most joints, I'm habitually stetching my joints to try to relieve the pain and achiness. Fatige, sleeplessness, numbness. It's worse in the mornings and when I've been sitting for long periods. Trouble consentrating, moodiness. I've been checked for FMS, MS, Lupus and RA. Most of my doctors in the past have been baffled.

Thirteen yrs. ago I lived in VA and experianced a severe sickness. I came down with a very high fever and a very stiff neck. I went to the ER and was sent home, next morning I was back in the ER with what might be called a blood rash. Blood blisters had sufaced all over my skin especially on face, hands, and arms. This was a Military hosp. and had few specialists. They began checking me for RMSF, Menegitis, infection in my heart valve and so on. Never determining anything for certain. I was simply given huge doses of IV biotic for 4 days and sent home. The tricky part is I felt pretty good for 2 yrs. then it got bad. I never remember being bit or any other unusual happening. But I did take my dog for walks in a park filled with ticks, so bad we stopped going.
If anyone could give me some insight to my case that would be great. This is no picnic, I feel like some one who skiped her 30th birthday and went straight to 90!! Does this sound like someone with Lymes?
Sorry for the length but it's great to share this with someone.

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