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I was diagnosed and "treated" for Lyme in April -May this year (3 wks of 100 mg doxy 2 times day, 1 wk initial, 1 wk skipped, then 2 wks)

About every `19-24 days I am experiencing these "ailments"

Extreme fatigue (we're talkin' down to the bone tired without any exertion)

Brain hiccups (not frequent but it's scary when it happens)
Fever (99.4 to 100.5 average)
Queasiness to outright nausea
Near aversion to high sugar content foods ( have cut back drastically)
Vision going blurry
Hypersensitive to bright light
Joint swelling fingers, ankles knees the worst
Severe headache radiating from the base of skull and down into neck and shoulders
Achy throat
Aches, and stiffness throughout kind of a waterlogged sensation
General miserable feeling.... just no energy
Hot flushed feeling, some facial reddening/blotchiness
Sudden piercing pain in arms, side, legs go away quickly as they start
Appetite and weight loss (I'd estimate about 10 lbs in the last 6 wks, I get hungry, I just don't WANT anything. And I am trying to eat healthier and need to lose weight anyway, so this could ultimately be a positive part of all this, retraining my poor eating habits. ) It seems so much like fibromylgia ......

I am scheduled to return to the Doc in a couple of weeks, and I want to ask him to run some tests for co-infections. He basically tested for Lyme, Erlichiosis, and spotted fever. Only the Lyme was positive. I know the ticks in my area carry the lyme and erlichia (my dogs were treated for erlichia) so it makes sense to me that the tick that "got" me would have given me something along with the lyme, there has to be a reason for these symptoms that seem to be worsening with each cycle. Can anybody recommend specific test names to request?


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