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I previsouly have been tested positive for Lyme in by spinal (Fluids) Lyme Ab, CSF for B. Burgdorferi Antibody Positive H 1.2

My blood came back, Lyme, Western Blot, Serum Lyme AB IGG BY WB:
P41 Present & P30 Present all other Absent

Lyme, Total Ab Test / Reflex
Immunoglobulins 2.15 H

I just received new blood tests (6 months later). Here are the results of them:

LYME IGG 2.42 (Greater than 1.00 is POSITIVE)

E. burgdorferi IgG Abs - Indeterminate P30 present
E. burgodrferi IgM Abs - Negative No bands present

What do you think?


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