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In May I experienced tingling in legs and had blurred vision. Went to the ER on Dr.'s orders and had MRI. MRI came back showing at least 2 lesions. My diagnosis upon release was probable MS. No other symptoms of MS. Passed all neuro. exams. No prior history of MS episode. I went to see a LLMD on the advice of a friend because I had been suffering with many symptoms for the last 2 years (i.e., fatigue, mood swings, interrupted sleep, headaches, light and sound sensitivity and others) All tests went to Igenex and came back positive for Babesiosis IgG 1.40 titer and several bands of IGG and IGM western blot. I'm being treated for these infections and co-infection for the last 2 months. Zithromax 500 mgs. a day and Mepron twice a day. My vision is back to normal. I've seen three Neurologists who agree that my MRI does appear to be of someone who has a demyelinating process such as MS. The LLMD says that someone with untreated Lyme for as long as I've probably had it 18 months or longer can have MRI's that look like MS. Has anyone ever had a similar experience or diagnosis. I feel good about starting treatment for Lyme but I still have the MS diagnosis hanging over my head. I'm confused and scared that I'm not doing anything to treat the "probable MS diagnosis". I had a spinal, neg. for mylein protein but showed 2 gamma bands. Serum did not show protein or bands. Anyone else have a similar experience or diagnosis? Thanks in advance.

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