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New Haven County, CT; Sorry if this story is long. Hoping to get more info.

My boyfriend was tested last Friday (8/6/04) for Lyme Disease. We don't have the results yet, should have them in the next couple of days. Here's why we think it's going to be positive:

Fourth of July weekend he had "flu-like" symptoms for about 5 days. On the fifth day he developed a rash (not bulls-eye) on his upper arm; when we went to the doctor he said that my guy had a virus with non-symptomatic hives that may be caused by an allergy.

For the next couple of weeks he didn't feel 100% and generally run down. We figured it was due to very hectic work weeks and many weekend obligations as well has humid weather. Then he developed a rash under his arm which we noticed around the 3rd week of July. It was also not a bulls-eye so we thought it might be heat rash. Then he developed a rash on his lower leg (about where his socks are), also not a bulls-eye and again figured it was heat rash. Mind you, he has a history of getting heat rash.

Well the rashes turned into the bulls-eye at the end of July and we did a little research on the web (the CDC site is terrific) and made the doctor's appoinment right away.

Summary of his symptoms:
Flu-like over July 4th weekend (no fever since)
General Fatigue
Bulls-eye rash in the last 2-2.5 weeks
A little headachey
No joint pain

Doctor has my guy on Augmentin/XR Amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium until the test results come back. The dose is either 1000mg 2X's per day or 500mg 2X's per day.

I've read just about every post on this board and have made a list of things to ask the doctor (like the co-infection things and requesting copies of his tests). Also, we made it clear to the doctor that if he tests positive for Lyme disease that we want to most aggressive treatment.

1. I keep reading about doxy being the treatment of choice. Is the amoxicillan a waste of time?

2. Does anyone know of any Lyme specialists in either New Haven County or Fairfield County. (I've been told of one in Milford at a walk-in clinic but I don't know if she's a specialist or a GP)

3. We figured he was bit at worst about 6 weeks ago and at best about 3 weeks ago; is catching the disease during this time frame considered catching it early?

4. Is there anything else we should be asking the doctor?

Thank you to all who take the time to read this post!

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