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Hi Moecasey,
Doxy is used for lyme but at a higher dosage (300-600mg). My husband took 400mg. There are a number of other drugs used like ceftin, biaxon... it just depends on the situation/person.

It depends on what co-infections you have as to what you would take... Like with Bartonella I took Biaxon and ceftin but then had to resume treatment for Babesia and went back on mepron/zithromax.

I just started a short course of Leviquin because the bartonella is getting the upper hand so will take it with zithromax for two weeks. Then I resume the mepron for the Babesia and continue with zithromax.

There are many different treatment protocals again depending on what you are infected with and what your LLMD prefers. My dog is currently on zithromax for Bartonella as doxy is not strong enough for Bartonella.

I am glad your mom is feeling better and hope you get some answers very soon.

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