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I now have the details of my test results: IgG/IgM by ELISA positive, C6 Peptide by ELISA positive, Western Blot IgM.Alt Equiv. Other tests were negative (bartonella, mycoplasma, babesia, ehrlichia). (Tests were done by MDL.) My doctor wants to start me asap on IV rocephin. (I've been on various oral abx for 18 months.) She said I'd get a PICC line in my chest put in outpatient in a hospital, do two weeks M-F rocephin in her office so she can monitor my reaction, then M-F by home health care. She said that she can't tell how long the treatment will take, but three months is usually the minimum and she's had patients on rocephin for up to 12. She also told me to look into what disability insurance coverage I have. Since I've flared so badly on oral abx, I'm likely to flare worse on the IV and may need to be out of work. I was sort of surprised at the possible length of treatment, and am just wondering if that has been other's experience, and whether anyone has flared so badly on IVs that they had to stop working (and for how long). Thanks!!
Hi gmcnj. It is good that you have been thoroughly tested and good that you are negative for the co-infections.

IV antibiotics are much stronger than orals. Long-term treatment, oral or IV, is typical for Lyme disease. Sometimes it can take time to find the best
med(s) for each case. It sounds like your doctor is knowledgeble. Are you seeing a Dr. E. in NJ?
Thanks for the reply, Ticker. I'm seeing Dr. Z. in Fairfax, Virginia (though I probably was bitten in my home state of NJ, some years ago!). She's a rheumatologist. I think she's pretty awesome (especially after the crummy treatment ... or lack thereof... I had before being referred to her).

I'm kind of frustrated not knowing what to expect on the Rocephin, though. I have a fairly demanding job, I'm single (though I have lots of supportive friends). I don't know what it's going to be like to take care of myself, get back and forth from the doctor's office the first two weeks (it's 45 minutes away), how much help I'll need, how this may impact my work, etc. Obviously, my health comes first, but its hard to plan without knowing how bad I may herx. Lyme sure is a crummy disease if you're a fan of certainty!

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