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Mark was Dx Jan. 2004 thru Dr. Bach and IgenX labs with Lyme and babesiosis. He was hospitalized the preceding year-- very ill, with a "mysterious illness." He was taken in by ambulance b/c of extreme pain and immobility. The next two weeks were pure hell, getting worse, and no firm Dx. He got better, but never fully--something always seemed to linger. I went to every doc under the sun it seemed trying to get someone to listen to me. finally someone at work told me to see Bach. Right away he told us Mark had Lyme, backed it up w/ testing, and basically freaked me out with knowing everything mark was going thru and why. It was like the man was living in my house for the past year and going to school w/ my son. NOW--for the meds part---He rec'd that day a IM shot of Rocephin and an oral antibiotic (forgot now which one) at a very high dose to take for two weeks to break up the virus for more conclusive testing. He was also given milk thistle and acidopholis to take. We were t old to come back in two weeks. We did, and he rec'd more bloodwork, another shot, and a different antibiotic, Ceftin (mg ? but high) for 1 month, and a Dx of Lyme coinfected w/ Babesia on an Rx pad to take to school to set up a plan for his lack of organization and memory. Got a call from his office two weeks later demanding that we come up immediately for bloodwork again. Colmar PA is 200 miles one way from my home. I told him we could not (have to work to pay for those very pricy visits, and had already taken way too much time off for sick days where the health room would call me and Mark had a terrible h'ache, fever, rash, joint pain, etc.) and offered many solutions including getting blood drawn and sending it to IgeneX w/ direct insructions from him, at our full expence. All I got was "no." I did not understand this and asked why and we were put on the phone with a nurse and dismissed as patients!! Right in the middle of treatment! I was devistated. I rec's his test results from an attorney asking me not to contact Dr. Bach! BIZARRE! I took the results to our pediatrician and was told that IF he had Lyme he was cured and I needed to start reacting like a normal mother. My son DID seem well, so I listened--....maybe all these people on line and up in PA were alarmists and my son was just fine?? NOT!! He got sick in about a month and a half and virtually banged my head into brick wall after brick wall until I found our current doc. He looked at Mark's bands and closed his file right away and says, "Oh, he's got Lyme. He needs to go on long term antibiotics--the course was way too short. " He was put on Zithromax and then on Minocin and currently on that 200 mg a day, everyday. he is on acidopholis as well, but no milk thistle--doc does not think it is safe for a child and will monitor his levels. So far so good, but awaiting the herx. i know this was long, but wanted you to know our story with our little guy. If I included all the denials by docs that anything was wrong with him, even with a couple of hospitalizations thrown in, I'd be here all day and night. Do not give up!!! ---laurie

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