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What are my chances, if I have Lyme, that it will go away on its own? I know our bodies can defeat other infections, can it defeat Lyme? I had a tick incident back in late March of this year, where me and my friend were wandering through some brush up in the foothills near my home (Bay Area, Northern California). When we were in his car, around 15 minutes later, we saw ticks crawling on the dash. Needless to say, we were literally covered in ticks. I guess it's best to stay on trails. We got out of the car and shook off.

I've been having a pounding heart, floaty black things in my eyes, trouble talking (can't think of words and such), stiff lower lip, can't sweat (even when it's 100 degrees, and I'm just burning up), twitches all over my face and body, including ear drums, ear pain, constant loud ringing in ears, messed up sleep pattern and waking up in the middle of the morning, blood pressure up 50 points (only systolic), and now I've even gotten hemorrhoids and a cyst in my testicles. How embarrassing! (had cold sweats, fever, cough, tremor, easy startle, when symptoms first began, but thankfully those subsided). Been getting weird black and blue marks without actually bruising anything, they don't hurt, then go away. Also been getting some weird rashes that look like a numerous bug bites. They go away in a couple days. May be bug bites I don't really know. Have swollen glands on and off. Don't recall a "bulls eye" rash though?

I didn't think anything of the ticks until I found Lyme disease on the internet last week. First doctor said it was stress. Second doctor said I have a sinus node arrhythmia and suspects a thyroid problem. I am going back in to him for a physical next week. How could my health deteriorate so quickly, and how could I get all these symptoms at once? I didn't tell my first doc about the tick because I didn't know about Lyme, so I didn't even think of it. Second doc said Lyme would take years before spreading to organs and causing me these problems. I'm only 20 years old and I feel like I've aged 40 years in the last 5 months! I eat right, exercise a ton, am not overweight, don't do drugs or drink, and am (err...WAS) healthier than anyone I know.

It seems that the only connection is the tick bites---but I can't even confirm they bit me. They were just on me, for maybe half an hour tops, then I brushed off the ones I saw and thought nothing more of it. They're may have been small ones under my clothes though, I just shook myself off. Now I'm worried. Where would the rash have been? I didn't really check myself for those weeks I was really feeling sick, flu like symptoms, because I just thought I got the flu. If the rash was on my scalp or back I never would have seen or checked. I keep feeling worse as time goes on. I don't have joint pains though?

All my symptoms seem to point to Lyme disease, I have most of the symptoms on the symptom lists I've seen floating around online, but most notably not the bulls eye rash (would it be gone by now?) nor the arthritis. I see overlap with thyroid diseases but they don't account for my mental problems as of late. I am so fatigued I sleep 14 hours a day, whereas I used to work out all the time, exercise, and be active. Now I can't get out of bed, and have no energy even after sleeping.

Could this be Lyme? Should I find a doctor that will test me, or should I just go with my doctors diagnosis, next week, when I see him again (he already ruled out Lyme disease though when I asked if this could be from a recent tick bite)? Will the infection go away by itself, if that's really what I have? I'm really having problems with my memory now too as I'll put things down then wander around for 20 minutes looking for it, put it down again and go through the same process over and over again like a moron. This is only in the last couple of months. My great uncle did this too when he was really old, he had Alzheimer's, so I'm kind of worried about that too, but we weren't blood relatives.

I'm concerned I may really just be a hypochondriac...possibly this really is just stress? I don't want to play doctor and pretend I can diagnose myself, but I don't want to end up with a false diagnosis when it was really a Lyme infection...If I do get diagnosed with something else, yet this is really Lyme, will it ever go away by itself? Any suggestions??

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