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Jensenn--Thanks for the info in Dr. Green in Los Altos. That's good and local. I'll give her a call.

Hey ncgirl--thanks for the response. I just read your post about the wasted summer. I feel the same way. But some days I feel OK and I question myself. The palpitations never go away, nor do the spots in the eyes, and the little things, but some days my memory is fine, and I'm not that fatigued---on those days I think I am a hypochondriac. You'd never tell by looking at me that I didn't fell anything but chirpy (except for the fact that you won't see me sitting down for my than 5 minutes because of the pain of the hemmorhoids). Are hemmorhoids a symptom? You say you had them too. I also have never, ever had them before. I feel dumb for trying to be so healthy all my life (havent even touched red meat since I was 10), but now after reading your post, and some of the others, I really do think I probably have an infection. I'm going to go to my regular doctor on this coming Tues, and have a physical, to make sure there's nothing else that could be causing this, then if there isn't, I'm going to go to a Lyme specialist. I don't want this to progress to arthritis if I really do have Lyme. I wish you good luck and hope you get better.

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