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Well this morning I woke up to classic heart attack symptoms in woman. I felt the worst I have felt through this whole ordeal. Maybe not the worst - but a new kind of worse. Yesterday after day 5 of doxycycline I felt like I could have MS. Tingling in my hands, complete muscle weakness in the thighs, numbness in my right arm but only for a little bit....So I shut my eyes thinking I need to face the music that this could be MS....

Well then I wake this morning feeling like I am having a heart attack. No MS like symptoms...muscles feel muscle pain...but nausea, sweaty palms, racing heart, sharp chest pain, and sore throat like I am coming down with a cold. With in an hour the issues started to decrease in severity and now in the afternoon are just a little naggy chest pain.

I called the doctor I spoke with him directly. He said it sounds like a herx reaction or allergy to the he recommended I go off of it until Monday and then think of amoxicillin until we get the test results on Tuesday or Wednesday...I am just fearful that I have an infection in my heart valves at this point since I had the sharp pain occassionally in the last two weeks and it seemed to get better on the doxy.

I am also concerned that Quest is going to return tests that are negative even though at this point after the disparity of all of my symptoms I am also positive I have lyme with coinfection.

So many concerns and fears right now.

Oh, I was reading through the posts and one woman mentioned her husband presented first with lower left abdominal pain and constipation. That was my first symptom preceeded only by swollen glands on my neck days before. I wonder how many others have experienced the gastro problems first before all of the other issues.


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