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Hi mocasey. I am sure it is frustrating to be so far from your mom :( You are a big help to her.

It sounds like the Doxy is targeting the Lyme. It is normal to feel worse before feeling better and for symptoms to migrate. She really needs to be on a higher dose. Will she being seeing the Lyme doctor in NC? She needs to be tested for the co-infections. What lab was here Western Blot test done at and which band was positive?

The symptom journal is important. She could document the three worst symptoms of each day with a numerical rating (between 1-10) of their severity. This journal helps tremendously over time.

Thanks for the well wishes!
Hi Ticker -
I am not sure if she was tested for any of the co-infections. The Western Blot test was done at Stony Brook in NY. I don't know which band was positive either.

She had a great day yesterday. Was out doing errands and shopping most of the day. Got dizzy in one store and took a few mins rest and then she felt "fine". She said she felt pretty good today too. Most of her pains are gone. I will continue her journal and from the start of the Doxy this weekend will be about 4 weeks. If that is the cycle of the bacteria reproducing would she feel it? She spoke to the nurse about the 200mg of Doxy and was told that is the dose they prescribe. I know I read everywhere that 200mg isn't enough. If her symptons are subsiding here and there could it be possible that it is enough for her? I told you she was sick for 6 years but there were years inbetween that she was functioning. And I mean quite well at that - building rock walls and gardening and swimming and working out with weights. She has always been a very physcial person and loves to excercise. I will continue her journal and see how she progresses and I will mention the co-infections or see if I can speak with the Dr myself. How are you?

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